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Architectural Review: Focus is on Architectural compliance for new build (residential and commercial) and modifications. 

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What you need to know prior to starting a a modification project.

What happens in the modification process? 

Must be submitted prior to any modifications to the exterior of your home. 

Application fee and Refundable Deposits required for major projects (i.e. pools and house additions)


A Modification form must be submitted for exterior paint projects.

Application not needed if pre-approved color is selected. 

A completed MOD form must be submitted online for deposit to be refunded.

Sienna Property Owners Association
  • Commercial Design Guidelines
  • Phase Submittal Reviews
  • Signage and Event Submittals

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The Modification/ARC Team

Contact us at for information or modification status inquiry

Dami Roberts

Architectural Control Manager

Melanie Bollands

Architectural Control Supervisor

Husaina Tadi

Modifications Coordinator

Ale Garcia

Modifications Coordinator